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In The Garden Wellness Ministry DBA Friends In The Garden

In The Garden Wellness Ministry DBA Friends In The Garden


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In The Garden Wellness Ministry is a 508c1A Nonprofit Faith Based Organization. Our mission is to grow fresh healthy food together as a Community and provide Affordable WellCare for all while creating meaningful connections, learning together and implementing sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices with the residents, businesses and local municipalities. We believe that by working together, we can create a healthier and more sustainable future for everyone. 

At Friends In The Garden, we will be "planting a church" In The Garden and bringing people in communion with the earth and each other, creating sanctuary and fellowship amongst the rows of plants and friends. The gardens will also include a walk-up wellness bar that will offer handcrafted Garden Goodness.  We will be composting food scraps from the wellness bar and local restaurants, and collecting yard waste from the community to build the soil. We will be reusing the greywater and rainwater to create compost teas and irrigation systems to water the gardens. And we will do all of this Together as a Community! 

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